I'd Rather Be on My Boat

Hello Everybody!

I'm the DotComd Guy!  I am the captain of the SS DotComd Guy and Family operating in and around the waters of Chicago Illinois!  I've been into boating for the past 10+ years and simply love being out on the water all the time!  The thing I do which pays the bills is build websites like this!  Want one?  For a limited time, I'm just about giving these sites away to get them to be more popular!  I'm looking for 100 people to help me with this project!  The price?  $50 for the pages, photo and video galleries and a contact page!  I have other features that are add on's but supply your own domain name, and I'll set it up for you to be able to write your own pages, show off your boat, or talk about what you want to on your own website!

Interested?  Call me, the DotComd Guy at 630-215-9788 to get your own website today!

Something else that I want to mention is that these are very powerful websites built utilizing CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which in a nutshell means that you can have your website look however you want!



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