2006 Southport Marina

This is my family as it was in 2006 before the addition of my litle bLake Cruzer...

This was ellie Meg and tracy on the boat in Kenosha.  Boy we miss that fast boat!

2006 was our second year with the bigger boat.  We had spent the prior year at North Point Marina which was 10 miles south of here in Winthrop Harbor Illinois.  At the end of the year at North Point, the office was hounding us for our upcoming seasons slip fees which was to be paid that fall.  Or at least the deposit was...  We were annoyed by the pressure so we went shopping for a new marina.  We checked out spots in Racine, and a few others.  We found ourselves in love with Kenosha by the end of the day.  There was a fast way to get here from the highway, good shopping spots on our way to the marina, restaurants, night life, and a full marina teeming with people that were so very friendly. 

We really enjoyed out time there till we moved to the larger slips with a bigger boat in the spring of 2007.  Don't get me wrong, the pool, the amenities, and out friends from our other docks where great.  But some of the people on our new docks just didn't get along with us.  Or more to the point me.  It wasn't that I had ever done anything to them, it was simply that one of the people from the new dock had told everyone that I was some jerk from another dock that must have done something really bad.  So in the end, it turned out that all the bad times on the big new dock was due to a case of mistaken identity.   Go figure...

My family loved going here and hanging out at the pool which is fantastic at Southport Marina.  There is a real resort like feeling to this place.  Snack bar, jacuzzi, sprinkler park, water fountains, work out area, & more.  I'd reccommend it to anyone. 

After a few years here, we decided to move closer to Chicago to get more of another kind of boating in...  You know, the one where you do something every weekend!!!  Where you actually go someplace each time you go to the boat!

Till next time...  Keep it safe!