I wanna go fast!!!

Yes, SaI wants to go fast. I'd like to see in a video what it feels like at least on screen to got over 80 mph on a boat. A Fountain, an outerlimits, a Formula, whatever be the case, I wanna go fast. But I'm sure that I'm not ready to trade in my slow 30 mph express cruiser. My wife would never let me back into the house... If you have a video of a go fast boat or rather one where you were shooting a video while in the cockpit doing some extreme amount of speed, upload your video to hotboatdeals and let me know about it. Post me a link to in in my messages. Just click my contact me link and sent me your link.



The DotComd Guy.

Update, Last week I was talking to a guy in Florida who makes Phantom Racing Boats in Sarasota and he was showing me pictures of his 39 foot closed cockpit racing boat that he has for about 115k.  He said he also has a customer that could get me a ride...