My thoughts on Anchors

I have a friend which has a 33 searay and it has a light aluminum anchor.  Every time he goes to anchor the boat off, they keep dragging along and never really get it securly anchored.  On my boat we have a more normal and heavier anchor.  We can usually get anchored securly in about 2-3 minutes.  I mean all we have to do is drop it, and give it a goose in reverse and we're set.  While both anchors are danforth anchors, he still insists that the aluminum one will work. 

Is there anyone out there which has ever had any luck with these aluminum anchors?  I think the reason they have it is that it came with the boat.  Or that they wanted a lighter anchor which was easier for his wife to let down and get back up. 

This is his boat...

This is my boat

Even my old boat had a normal steel danforth anchor.  It didn't even have an chain anchor rode on it.  I took it off so it would would better with the windlass and rope locker.  So even without the chain on the rode, it worked just fine.  So the moral of the story, steel anchors work and aluminum anchors don't in my opinoin.