Our Trips To Grand Haven

In 2007 we went to Grand Haven on July 30th.  The weather was just perfect!  We had everything we thought we needed and were ready to leave our harbor at about 9:30 am.  I went to start the engines but had no fire!  The diesels just would not start!  Problem was I'd turn the key and the starter relays on the port motor wouldn't fire!?  I called the guy I bought the boat from and being the great guy he was, he drove 1.5 hours to my marina and showed me what to do.  Only problem, when he got there it started just like it should.  So after driving down there to help me, he showed me what to do if this ever happened again.

Once we got moving and figured out the problem, we had left our marina at about 12:30 pm.  The weather, water and day was just perfect for a 90 mile Lake Michigan Crossing!

The first 10 or so miles were a little choppy from boat traffic along the lake shore on the Illinois, Wisconsin Side.  After that it was mostly just a slight ripple on the water for the next 70 miles!  I'll show some pictures soon.  Click Here to see the pictures from this trip...

In 2008 we went on July 28th to go over to Grand Haven Michigan.   It was a Monday morning.  This year, we took a little longer to get ready to go.  I made a movie screen to put on the bow of the boat using our dlp projector.  I really worked out great.  I received so many compliments on how cool it was.  In any case, we stayed in our marina till Monday morning when we left. 

Due to rising fuel costs, we decided to try to do the trip as fuel efficient as possible.  So we first got going on plane to get away from shore.  Then we slowed down to about 9 miles an hour and just putt putt across the lake for a few hours.  I mean, what were we in a hurry for?